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Blood Glucose Control Solution


Play Accuracy Control, Believe The Results



Control Solution

EASYMAX® Control Solution contains a known amount of glucose and is used to check that the meter and the test strips are working properly.

  • For Type I & Type II Patients use

  • Level 1 (low concentration)

  • Level 2 (normal concentration)

  • Level 3 (high concentration)

Bottle volume
Operating temperature
4 ml
+10 ~ 40ºC
Storage temperature
Transportation temperature
+2 ~ 30ºC
+2 ~ 30ºC
Relative humidity
≦ 90%
Do a Control Solution test:
  • To practice the test process without testing by blood
  • Once a week to check your meter
  • Whenever you open a new vial of test strips
  • If you suspect the meter or test strips are not working properly
  • If you are repeatedly getting unexpected blood glucose results
  • If you drop or damage your meter
Control Solution Tip:
  • Discard an open vial after 90 days.

  • When you open a new vial, write the date on it.

  • Discard expired solution, even if unopened.

  • Check the range of glucose values. 

  • Ask your doctor for a prescription. 

  • Read your meter manual. 

  • Always shake the control solution to mix it before running a test.

To learn more, please download the EASYMAX control solution instruction.

You are welcomed to contact us for MSDS.
EASYMAX® cares about your health.
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