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Simplify Your Diabetes Management

EASYMAX    sugarwatch - Smart testing. Simple tracking
EASYMAX® sugarwatch integrates accurate glucose testing within a mobile and wireless healthcare system. It supports you to balance your life and to navigate your health journeys with personalized, data-driven solutions.
Smart glucose-tracking watch. Fit for anyone, everywhere, and on the go.
Share real-time information and personalized reports with caregivers and family members.
Automatically records your blood glucose measurements and provides analysis of your condition.
Easily tracks key diabetes metrics, including physical activity, and diet etc.
Highly accurate and fast measurements. Get results in 5 seconds. Small drop of blood - only 0.6 μl required.
EASYMAX® To-Go Set - 3 in 1 for sugarwatch
Compact design that fits in your pocket
Embedded lancing device
Embedded lancet ejector
Meet your daily demands of glucose testing
(carry 4 lancets & 4 single foiled test strips)
EASYMAX® To-Go Set is really compact to carry your strips and lancets more convenient and easier. It fits into your pocket or purse. Three-in-one lancing device with 4 foiled test strips and 4 lancets for sugarwatch as well as for any EASYMAX® glucose meters at hand.

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