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Lancing Device & Lancets

Select Your Depth

No Fear

EASYMAX® Lancing Device & Lancet

Lancing Device Features
  • Adjustable tip - 7 depth penetration settings for best results.

  • Loading indicator - Loading window indicates loading & unloading.

  • Safety locking system - The device cannot be loaded unless the female nut is properly closed.

  • Cap stopper - A stopper is added on the female nut to improve consistency in puncture depth.

  • Reduced noise - Low-noise device technology with new button.

  • Reduced pain - the linear tracking system.

  • One-stop ejection system - Used lancet is easily removed by pushing forward the ejector.

Lancet Features
  • Twist top

  • Fine gauge at 28, and 30 for painless sampling

  • Consistent depth penetration

  • Universal design fitting to almost all lancing devices

  • Package available 50pcs & 100pcs

How To Use

Try different depth settings to find the one that​'s right for you.

EASYMAX®, the glucose monitoring system that you and your family can trust.
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