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Target range indicator is helpful for identifying and interpreting high and low blood glucose levels correctly as well as help people to make the correct insulin dosage decisions.

Target Indicator

shows instantly when your blood glucose levels are in or out of range.
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Your Personalized Assistants for Diabetes Management.


How depressed would you be when diagnosed with diabetes? As long as you seek for appropriate assistance from others, and from yourself of course, you can live as pretty much normal like you don't have diabetes. These helps include exercise, food, medication, and glucose measurement.


EASYMAX® Diabetes Care is our full range of glucose monitoring systems for diabetic patient self-test use, and point of care healthcare professional (HCP) use. Each device system consists of necessary specifications for specific use in terms of usability, safety, and efficacy. Please visit our website for more information.


EASYMAX® Diabetes Care aims at different inquiries by providing alternative solutions:


  • Individual Care

  • Healthcare Professional Care

  • mobile Health Care


EASYMAX® Diabetes Care further provides you other necessary knowledge about an efficient diabetes management via different media including:


  • Exercise

  • Food

  • Medication

  • Event

The Best Care Starts From YOU!

Easy to use EASYMAX® Neu

“EASYMAX® Neu is so amazing to show my mom's glucose in or out of range. My mother was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. We were nervous about her daily testing, but This meter makes everything so easy. The best part is it takes such a tiny amount of blood.”

Steven Dowshen


Small and fashionable

“I like use this meter as it small and easily fits in my purse. I really like that it beeps when there i senough blood for the test.”


William Kent


Love my EASYMAX® sugarwatch

“I really love my sugarwatch that testing has never been easy, while I'm in the gym.”


Heathrow Smith


Use this EASYMAX® only

“I can't really say anything about the quality -- it is accurate. I really like the small sample that it needs -- have never had a sample that was to small. With the 7, 14 and 30 day average, it is easy to get an overview of that past week, month. It provides a reading very quickly ... I never feel like I am waiting for the results. It is also small. It does what it is supposed to do.”


Julie Rodriguez

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